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Here at Imagewize we try to give our customers the best possible maintenance packages possible. Whether you are an up and coming entrepreneur, a startup or a well established SME. We got your back.  We currently offer three packages: a starter package that takes care of the need of most clients, a premium package for those in need of SEO and or Social Media assistance and a more hands on approach. And finally an ultimate package that does all that AND offers full server management.

Starter Package

You are a startup, a brand new business getting going. We know how it feels. It feels awesome and exciting and sometimes very stressful. And you got to keep costs at bay. Well here is a great package for you. When you take the awesome starters package with us you will get the following:

  • Frequent Cloud Backups – All your site’s files and the database will be backed up locally as well as remotely. This means there will be a backup with your hoster as well as another one at another locations like DropBox.
  • WordPress Core Updates – WordPress itself will be updated and checked. Updates will be done when appropriate and security updates will be applied asap.
  • WordPress Plugins Updates – All your plugins will be updates as soon as possible. Again we will make sure they are still compatible with the current setup. We also monitor the activity of the developer. Sometimes plugins are abandoned and then new ones will be added as a replacement.
  • WordPress Themes Updates – And of course we will update your theme as well as the default or other themes when present. This includes possible WooCommerce updates part of themes.
  • Security Scans & Hack Repair – All sites are secured and monitored using server level and or site level security.
  • HTTPS / SSL – Your site will be secured using SSL encryption
  • Excellent Support – We at Imagewize pride ourselves for the support we give our clients. We are fast and precise and always friendly towards all our clients.
Premium Package
Premium Package

You have been up and running for a while. You have a nice WordPress website and are getting some traffic. Business as a whole is slowly growing. You need more time for your business. But you also need better search engine optimization and help with SEO. And priority support with any issues that may arise. Well then the Premium package is for you. It includes all the starter package offers plus:

  • Managed WordPress Hosting – Hosting fine tuned for WordPress
  • SEO Fine Tuning – We will help you with advice and hands on tweaks to optimize your website for search engines. We’ll keep on tweaking the site’s SEO for you
  • Site Speed Optimization – Site loading speed is more and more important. We will optimize your site as much as possible making it a breeze to browse through your content.
  • Social Media Campaign Aid – A site these days is no longer enough. You need social media marketing. Let us help you with that. Together we can increase traffic
  • Priority Support – Having a vital site means support that is fast and efficient is more than ever important. With priority support we got your back.
Ultra Package
Ultra Package

You have an established WordPress website and you are getting more and more traffic. Business is growing and so are the no. of visitors to your site. You realize your hoster is not providing you enough security, bandwidth, server optimization tools to run a succesful WordPress site. Then a managed WordPress solution is the best. Now you can have all the starter and premium package have to offer and just that!

  • Trellis Managed Cloud Hosting – A server set up with the sole purpose of making WordPress sites secure, easy maintenable and updatable as well as secure
  • Github Version Control – We keep track of all changes made, intentionally and unintentionally and can revert or update files in no time
  • Staging Environment – any changes made will be tested on a dedicated staging server
  • Secure SSL Certificate – your site will have a state of the art SSL Certificate making your site secure and giving it more authority on the web
  • Firewall – Fail2Ban
month (yearly plan)
Great Deal including:

  • Frequent Cloud Backups
  • WordPress Core Update
  • WordPress Plugins Updates
  • WordPress Themes Updates
  • Security Scans & Hack Repair
  • Excellent Support
month (yearly plan)
Including all Starter options plus:

  • Managed WordPress Hosting
  • SEO Fine Tuning
  • Site Performance Optimization
  • Social Media Campaign Aid
  • Priority Support
month (yearly plan)
Including all Premium options plus:

  • Trellis Managed Cloud Hosting with
  • Github Version Control
  • Staging Environment
  • Secure SSL Certificate
  • Firewall – Fail2Ban 
  •  MaxCDN – Content Delivery Network
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