BackupBuddy and GoDaddy

BackupBuddy and GoDaddy have never really been buddies really. Been hard to run BackupBuddy on GoDaddy to say the least, but I am here to tell you there are options to make it work on GoDaddy as running backups from the Dashboard fail most if not all the time. The option is running backups from the shell. This  you can of course only do if can access the site from shell and know how to use shell commands and or follow this short tutorial.

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Brute Force Attack Block Tip – Google reCaptcha Plugin by BestWebSoft

One plugin I always use when my security buddy Wordfence tells me there have been many attempts to recover a lost password or too many failed attempts to login with existing or non existing users is Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA) by BestWebSoft . A great brute force attack block tip for you right there. Let me explain in detail how it works.

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From WordPress Dashboard to Frontend

Sometimes the most obvious steps to take for some, and certainly for veteran WordPress users like me are overlooked. By blogging here at Imagewize I am trying to help clients with answering basic WordPress questions so they can work on updating their site and promoting their business. So a question I had on a site that was under maintenance was how to get to the frontend to see the site in progress.

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FBA for WooCommerce

Some of you may have found me on the web as I used to develop the Checkout by Amazon WordPress Plugin. Well as I have been too busy with other projects and as Amazon has changed its API details often I stopped developing. The good news is that Never Settle, a company located in Lakewood, Colorado decided to create a plugin that allows you to fulfill orders using Amazon FBA and that works with Woocommerce! Continue reading FBA for WooCommerce

Modern WordPress Development with Roots

I have been working on and off as a web developer and mainly with WordPress for over 15 years. I worked with different frameworks such as Genesis, Thesis, Canvas and Divi. I also worked or dabbled in a few starters themes such as _s .  And often I have customized themes that customers found / bought on Themeforest. And as these options became less and less appealing to me I started to look for something else.  That choice has become Roots Continue reading Modern WordPress Development with Roots

Bedrock Modern WordPress Stack

Bedrock Modern WordPress Stack is a package that helps you set up a WordPress environment at lighning speed with Ansible and Vagrant to work on a site locally or on a server. It setups a better folder structure, makes loading plugins easier, takes care of deployment and puts your WordPress credentials in a safer place. Continue reading Bedrock Modern WordPress Stack