One very important note to make on the usage of Google PageSpeed Insights or browser based Lighthouse is your location and the effect it has on doing tests on websites on servers located far outside your region.

Every time I use Contact Form 7 I fall for it. I commit the same error over and over again. I enter the wrong data for the from field on the mail tab. And every time it takes me precious time ..

To truly scale your Kubernetes Cluster with pods / containers needed to run your Laravel PHP Application you will soon realize you will need both Horizontal Pod Autoscaling (HPA) as well as Cluster Autoscaling (CA).

Google PSI & Geolocation

Imagewize focusses on what it excels at so you get the best resuls needed to make your business thrive. We build excellent themes and boost your site's speed

A theme custom tailored to your bussiness is the best way to market your services. We specialize in building custom made themes using all the latest tech. Themes that give your site that snappy professional feeling it needs

Having a succesful business is wonderful. It also often means you need a better place to run your website from dealing with all the traffic. We specializes in setting up custom servers.

About Imagewize.

Imagewize has been set up in 2009 and has since expanded into multiple webdesign fieldsĀ  We offer technical project management, web development, as well as DevOps services. All the tools you need to set up a succesful online presence

Laravel is a great framework to make amazing custom web applications and even better with Vue. It is also suitable to quickly scaffold your startup idea. We are on standby to get up and running.

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WordPress has grown into a full fledged CMS over the years and is used on millions of websites and it has a great ecosystem of themes, plugins to set up your business. Enter our top notch WordPress Skills.

Ecommerce has become more and more dominant over the years and WooCommerce on top of your WordPress website or Shopify are great options here. Let's discuss what will fit your company's needs.

Top notch custom applications, wonderful startup ideas, top of the bill e-commerce applications can often use a second set of eyes, a CTO on stand by, a project management wizard. We will be with you, helping you get where you need to be.

Kubernetes HPA and CA Autoscaling Laravel on DigitalOcean

Contact Form 7 From Mail Field Configuration

Technical PM / CTO Service